about me

serving at the pleasure of microsoft’s shareholders, my job is to pave the way for advertisers to use digital media to reach their customers; for producers to extract unparalleled profit from their content investments; and for consumers’ lives to be truly enhanced by advertising.  my backdrop is a dying newspaper industry; a shrinking magazine industry; sweeping changes in broadcast, cable and movie distribution models and higher levels of consumption fragmentation than the world has ever seen.

at $73b, the cost to fund the u.s. for a year in iraq is about 1/10th of what companies spend annually on advertising.

interestingly, it’s revenue from advertising – digital advertising in particular – that has enabled the latest threat to my employer’s software franchises:  google.

yet as we know, the western world still spends most of its time doing things offline — watching tv, socializing, shopping and working.  so it comes as no surprise that that’s where most media dollars go.

but each one of these activities is moving online – and fast.  in tv, it’s hulu and comcast’s “xfinity tv” (fka “tv everywhere”).  socially, it’s facebook.  in shopping, it’s amazon.  at work, it’s salesforce.com.

there’s a lot of work to do to get ad dollars to follow these changes in consumption.  we all know the categories – planning, visibility, attribution/measurement, media, privacy…these are complex issues that, because of the size of the digital advertising industry, will directly or indirectly influence nearly every modern experience.

i know – a lot of people want their job to matter.  for what they do to affect the lives of millions, or billions of people.  to be honest, i didn’t go in search of that.  but as director of strategy for microsoft advertising, i found it.


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